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All worksheets,schedules,and workbooks on this page are *FREE and can be used to help in learning, teaching, or to transition from one activity to another for children living with autism, deafness, or any other challenge.These can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the title of each item. More will be added so check back often to see what's new.

*When sharing these activities across the web please link back to this source page.We hope you find these activities useful and they help to make a difference. Thank you for your support. ~Kimberly

Amounts and Containers
Foods To Be Cooked

Learning About The Dime

Learning About The Nickel

Learning About The Penny

Learning About The Quarter
Match The Price Book Let's Eat Pizza Book

Food Match-Ups Folder
The Nine Planets Book
Learning About Weather

Learning About Birds

The Fun In Winter Book
What Lives In The Sea
Puppy Plays In The Snow

Learning About St Patty's Day

Vertical Worksheet Templates

Horizontal Worksheet Templates
Sunflower Worksheet Activities
Some Spring Worksheet Activities

May Worksheet Activities

February Worksheets

9 Planets Worksheets
Where Is Harry Book

Give A Mouse A Cookie
Learning About Greece

Learning About France

Learning Verbs Bingo

Planet Bingo Game

Lunch Bingo Game

Dinosaur Bingo Game

Valentine Bingo Game

Christmas Bingo Game

Where Is Santa Book

Learning About Alabama

ABC Letter Matching Book

Learning About Turkey's

Turkey Lotto and Worksheets

Let's Make Pumpkin Poo

All About
Pumpkins Book

Where Is Wicked Wanda's Cat

Pumpkins Folder

All About Autumn Book

Pumpkin Patch Bingo

Valentine's Day Worksheets

Take A Mouse To School Book

Lemonade Slope Activity Workbook

Transitioning In The Community