Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Things I've Learned Traveling Along Julia's Journey

I've learned many things through managing Julia's business of disability and traveling along her life's path. Today I want to share with you 10 things I know for sure. The list is from my current e-book 'Julia's World: A Parent's Perspective A Success Story' and is not in any specific order but instead is a small sampling of important things to consider if you are blessed with a child living with developmental challenges of any nature.

Kimberly McGuiness, Julia's Mother
  1. Anything of importance must be in writing. If it did not happen in writing then it never happened.
  2. Keep copies of everything, organized in a 3 ring binder. Update it annually.
  3. Ask questions, lots of questions, if necessary, and don’t be afraid to do so.
  4. Be a part of the educational and life team of your child. Show up, advocate, participate, communicate. Educate yourself on the law. 
  5. Understand the diploma options. Are the goals and growth of your child’s skills on the right track? What will happen after graduation? Work? Day program? Know the options.
  6. Get your hands dirty in the positive growth forward of your child. It’s not solely the responsibility of the school system nor is it the sole responsibility of the parent. It is a ‘WHOLE TEAM’ effort. Be on the team and do your part.
  7. Only worry about the things you can control and don’t give up your energy to things you can’t.
  8. Redefine your definition of family if need be. Does your core group support you in a positive way or do they drain everything you have adding emotional stress and strain?
  9. Don’t feel guilty for taking some ‘YOU’ time.
  10. Celebrate the accomplishments no matter how small they may be and Thank GOD for your miracle. He has a purpose listen to the message.