Monday, November 18, 2013

Signing Autistic Lives

Candice Chakhtoura
Owner and Founder of Signing Autistic Lives, Candice Chakhtoura, is transforming communication for families living with Autism. Her unique approach breaks down the basics of American Sign Language in a way which allows parents to begin signing immediately, creating wonderful communication within the family they never thought possible. Her companies products and services provide communication solutions for teachers, care givers, entire families , creating a means for the world to interact with their child, and reconnecting everyone in their child's life.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of those whose lives are touched by autism. Sets are titled and are being introduced to follow your child’s daily routine. Beginning with home Morning Routines – Breakfast Set, Getting Dressed, Preparing to leave the house. Next in the series is all about school routines – class time, arts and crafts, circle time, lunch time, and recess. Evening Routines include snack time, dinner time, and bed time.
The remainder of flash card sets are to assist you and your child with re-occurring activities including people, places and events. The focus is all about “the things you say” unique to your child and daily routines.
image courtesy of Signing Autistic Lives
Signing Autistic Lives is the first program of its kind; focusing on signs specific to your child, teaching ASL in priority of daily schedules and routines, extending signs and phrases to other family members and professionals who help and care for your child, teaching a short cut to ASL to meet communication challenges, inclusive of teaching modules to answer all your questions, step by step teaching guide, additional resources, and much more. For more about this program and what the company offers click here to visit there website.