Thursday, October 10, 2013

Discrimination Suit: $450K Awarded By Federal Jury

Julia has had her own challenges with training program discrimination and job placement issues, so why do employeers or community providers with training programs think it's ok? In a post from Disability Scoop one company found out the price for ignorance is worth almost half million!

In an excerpt from Shaun Heasley's reporting he writes, 

"Karl Tipple, 25, sued Kroger claiming that a store manager at the Plano, Texas location where he worked repeatedly called him a “retarded idiot” who was “too stupid to live.” Tipple said that the harassment occurred for nearly a year before he was fired in December 2011.

Now a federal jury has awarded Tipple more than $450,000 in damages.

“This was clearly a case where a high-functioning person with disabilities was victimized by his manager with the support of Kroger higher management,” Joe Kendall of the Kendall Law Group, which represented Tipple, said in a statement. “After he reported the abuse, Kroger refused to investigate his claims, and instead fired him.”

For the full report check it out here.