Monday, October 7, 2013

100 and a Giraffe Takes First Place

This post marks # 100 since the launch of Julia’s World Project bringing almost 18,000 visits, so what better way to celebrate than with a 1st place ribbon at the fair!

This past week our local fair was in town and this year was no exception to the thrills and fun we all experienced! If you have followed our blog for a while you know Julia has a social calendar, one which keeps me burning up the road to and from town, but this is a terrific challenged to have. Why? For Julia a calendar full of activities with her friends is something I thought would never happen. I was ever so grateful for her to have just her autism group to attend when it started years ago but now, through DIGS there are so many more options for her. She attends just about every activity and the DIGS Snap Happy Camera Club monthly meeting is not one to be missed.

©2013 Julia McGuiness
This year, as with every year, our camera club members entered pictures into the fair and we had several members win ribbons for their photography!! One of them being Julia. She won a 1st place ribbon for a picture of a giraffe she took at the zoo on a family trip this past summer. She along with all the members who entered their photography was just as proud as we are of them. There photography skills have improved greatly since the start of this club. We can’t wait to see what they enter next year!!

Be sure to check out DIGS to learn more about the non-profit organization and for ways you can support them. In the meantime, let’s show some appreciate for these very talented individuals by liking this post and sharing with your friends to bring them a cyber-smile, just as so many of our adults living with developmental challenges gift to us each day, just one of their many talents!