Monday, September 23, 2013

Jack-O-Lanterns weren’t always pumpkins

Happy Fall Ya'll !! Pumpkins are a sure sign fall is here! But pumpkins were not the original Jack-O-Lanterns as we know them today. Check out this little snippet from a Country Living article by Laura Ratliff.

Laura explains, "Even though pumpkin carving is an iconic American tradition, turnips, potatoes, or beets were the original Jack-O-Lanterns. When immigrants from Ireland, England, and Scotland arrived in North America, they began using pumpkins instead. Native to the Americas, not only were pumpkins much larger, making it easier to carve, they were also readily available. Can you imagine a carved beet?"

Read more here: Pumpkin Varieties - Surprising Facts about Pumpkins - Country Living
Photo ©2012 Kimberly McGuiness
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They are so many things we can do with pumpkins. We can decorate them, carve them, paint on them, cook them to make a pie or soup, or even play a game with them. In the meantime, to go along with your further discovery of pumpkin facts, here is a very simple folder game to use with students or children at home for sorting pumpkins. You can download for free by clicking the link under the picture or by going to our printable page. Either way~ Enjoy! Be sure to check back Thursday for a Pumpkin Patch Bingo Game!