Monday, July 15, 2013

If You Take a Mouse to School

Adapting books for special education teachers to use with their students is something I have been doing for some time and I love each new request. Seeing the completed workbook and it being utilized in the classroom with students brings me great satisfaction. Being able to make a difference by providing content and materials to teachers to help their students to possibly understand a concept or to understand what is being taught is very rewarding to me. Teachers are over worked with added responsibilities, more students per classroom, reductions in work force, budget cuts,
paperwork, etc. Teachers don’t have time or possibly even the funds to create or purchase specialized materials to meet the unique needs of their students. This is why my work in this area is so important to me. So to help get you started for back to school I’ve uploaded an adapted workbook to go with the book, ‘If You Take a Mouse to School’ by Laura Numeroff. You may download the workbook for free from our printable page. I hope you enjoy it and you find it useful for your classroom and students. Be sure to visit Laura's website for some great resources by clicking her name above or visiting our resource board.