Monday, June 24, 2013

How Are You Navigating?

Photography ©2013 Kimberly McGuiness

No matter what path we travel, we always will have to navigate around obstacles. Some may be in the form of emotional challenges, while others may be physical challenges, but, no matter which challenges they are, we will always overcome them. One of the things I have learned on my journey with Julia is, always be flexible, be willing to take a different path at the end of the day from the one you started on in the morning, be patient, and be willing to open myself up for learning and being not afraid to become a voice for those who may not have the ability to speak for themselves. Here are a couple of questions I ask myself, “What would I do if I were not afraid?” My answer; I’d just do it. And “Can I control the situation, circumstance or outcome?” My answer; if the answer is no, I move on from any worry, it is what it is. If the answer is yes, I move on in a positive direction. 

We will hit those little bumps in the road; you know the ones that can jar you around a bit or make you spill your drink all over the front of your shirt. They are meant to be there and kind of wake us up, to take notice of the surroundings, to be aware of what lays ahead, directly in front of us, to remind us of our goals and the direction we want to travel. Yes they will certainly try to knock you off the path and yes there may seem like a never-ending obstacle course ahead of you, but, if you keep it real with yourself and focus on the positive direction forward towards your goal, you will overcome the challenges as you travel along your path. So I now ask you this question, “How are you navigating your path?” “Do you need to re-evaluate the direction you are traveling?”