Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost and Tired: They Just Don't Get It

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My husband and I had to redefine our definition of family many years ago. We now have a wonderful support system in place with people “who get it”! For those who have children living with autism or any other developmental challenge we ALL have 1 thing and 1 thing only in common…the label. Other than that, our journeys are each different. This is why blogs like this and other websites created by parents who are caring for children living with a challenge are so important and crucial to survival, emotionally! You need a place to ‘get it out” so to speak and allow others on ‘Similar’ paths to do the same and in doing so this now becomes your family, those “who get it” and support you and understand your frustration, the ups and downs, the challenges, thou we don’t live in “your world” or walk along “your path” we each now for sure the challenges, frustrations, and disappointments along the journey. I often say, “God puts us where we need to be at the time we need to be there with the people we need to be with.” We may not understand it, we may even question it, but we always must remember to stand tall and proud for what we believe and never give up or allow our energy to be drained by events, words or opinions that, if we let them, can become cement blocks tied to our feet! If it, whatever “IT” maybe does not move us forward positively, ignore and move on. What we go through today is preparing us for a tomorrow we are yet to know!

Rob Gorski,
Courtesy of Lost and Tired
Rob Gorski, a husband and father of 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum knows this all too well. He is the creator/founder of Lost and Tired and began his writing career in June of 2010 with his multiple awards winning blog Lost and Tired: Confessions of an Autism Dad. Recently cited as the 3rd most influential Autism Blogger on the internet by Dr. Oz's Sharecare website, where he is an expert on Autism. His mission is to create dialogue, spread Autism Awareness, educate the public on how technology can benefit a special needs family and do so in ways society can relate to and understand. Rob advocates for special needs families and those on the Autism Spectrum, both young and old. He has always loved helping people and personally saved many lives before suffering a major back injury which would eventually end his career as a fire/medic. Rob 'gets it' and writes openly about the everyday journey he and his wife travel with their 3 sons.  

“They just don’t get it” was the topic of a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day. For those who know Julia understand, some days she is more deaf than anything, some she is more autistic than others, some days she is a combination of the 2 and whatever else triggers her that day and then there are days she “seems” to be what our society has deemed a “normal” typical 24 year old. We never know what kind of day we are going to have, you can start off down one path and end up on another, or the road map can constantly change throughout the day. But it is our children, who provide us with learning, teaching, strength, compassion, and understanding and unconditional love. While our children are the teachers, it is through them and their journey we travel together that we must share with others by being their voice, there difference maker, we just need to take a moment to listen and learn.

To learn more about Rob and his wonderful wife and 3 boys we encourage you to discover his website, Lost and Tired, you’ll be glad you did.