Monday, May 6, 2013

DIGS: Why They Are Important

DIGS, Inc. offers a variety of social and learning to work opportunities for ‘adults’ and older teens 18+ years in age. Support from community partners and volunteers provide ‘adults’ with activities to promote social interaction, creativity, relationship and life skills building among their peers.

The purpose of social events are to provide enjoyable leisure interests for ‘adults’ living with developmental disabilities and/or other challenges the options to enjoy themselves in their community just as any other person with non-developmental challenges.

This in turn creates a venue for a more enhanced quality of life in any language while bringing out the extraordinary abilities in talent these ‘adults’ are gifted, whether it be through art, music, photography, dance, or creative design in the unique one of a kind pieces in garden art, they all have something of significance to contribute to their community and our lives. DIGS, Inc. is making a difference in their community. We invite you to discover and explore their website to find out how you can help be a part of their community impact or to make a donation.