Thursday, May 2, 2013

Deaf Reaching Deaf for God’s Word

Today’s post is about sharing and spreading the word. The two sites below are something you must take the time to see, especially, if you have a loved one or know someone living with any kind of hearing loss or deafness. Both of these sites are intertwined and support the need for deaf people reaching and teaching deaf people so they can come to know God’s World….some for the first time.

The first, to explore is D.O.O.R (Deaf Opportunity Out Reach) International, an established not-for-profit organization whose main goal is Deaf reaching Deaf through sharing and teaching God’s Word in Deaf appropriate ways. From 1999-2006, the organization trained 30 deaf people from 48 countries in a Deaf context, using Chronological Bible Storying (CBS). For more information we encourage you to check  their site to learn more.

The second, to explore is Deaf Bibles Project here you will find, a website rich in sign language content from the moment you click the URL. When you click on a country flag there will be Bible stories in that particular countries native sign language. There are 32 Bible stories available and complete with introduction, the story and follow-up discussion in seven languages. The website gives access to over 224 stories - filmed, edited and mastered by DOOR Deaf staff in India and Kenya. Check them out!