Thursday, May 16, 2013

Be Non-judgmental of the Shell

There are trials everywhere and we don't know every one's life story, challenged children or otherwise. I also think for those who see the situation no matter what it may be, or hear the's the way they "choose" to react which makes the positive or negative difference in our lives. The same can be said for anyone with children or in any situation. However, the way "we" react, if we choose wisely, can teach a lesson no one ever saw coming.

Here is an example of what I mean ~ minus the unnecessary details:

Julia and I were in a local store doing our usual Friday afternoon shopping. I turned off my voice and was communicating with Julia in sign language. In the same isle we happen to be in, were 2 other ladies. They saw Julia and I signing and ‘THOUGHT” we both were deaf. Which mind you doesn’t bother me at all; however, apparently they were having a bad day and appeared to have some difficulty liking life itself. Their body language and whispering I can assure you was not the most appropriate for these ladies whether Julia and I were in the same isle or not. It was like we had a wide-spread sickness and they didn’t want to catch it or understand why we were even out in the store.

We had gotten what we needed and headed towards the end of the isle to be on our way, Julia was pushing the cart and she politely signed to these ladies “excuse me”, (which they didn’t understand but Julia was being polite) as they stood there looking at her without moving. I stood back for a moment to see how Julia would handle it, she signed “excuse me” again, and they just stood there, looking at her like she had more than I head on her shoulders. Julia was going to turn the cart around and exit at the other end but there were 3 other people in the way. So I went to the front of the buggy, put my hand on it and lead Julia, cart and all out the end of the isle pass these 2 ladies and as I went by them I said , while signing so Julia knew what I was saying, “ excuse me ladies, you have a nice day.” You should have seen the look on their face; you could have knocked them over with a feather! I taught them a lesson that day, one they will hopefully remember and never forget.

Yes I could have been rude and all that, BUT, I learned a long time ago I can make a better impact by the way I ‘CHOOSE, to respond. These ladies are just 2 of several others who needed a lesson in being judgmental, my reaction is always the same and with tremendous impact I might add. As one of my favorite groups, Bon Jovi sings it perfectly... "When the world gets in my face, I say, have a nice day!"  Knowledge is powerful; we must be the one to pull the switch in a positive direction.

Blessings of strength and peace as you travel along your journey ~ Kimberly