Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's The Weather?

This board we would try to do before Julia went to school. However, sometimes it would be hard because she didn’t know what the weather would be outside. I would tell her, “The weather outside today is”, and then she would choose the correct visual. It’s really useful during the summer when we have a lot of rain. She will change the board herself to match the weather outside and sometimes she may ask me if the choice she made was correct. There were times when Julia would change the board herself and not say anything to me. She was always correct in her choices when doing this independently. I remember one day Julia was noticing a program on TV and it was raining on the show. She ran to get the visual from the weather board, brought it back to me and told me it was raining on the TV!!! I was so proud of her!

This is our third visual communication board in our series for Autism Awareness month so be sure to visit our printable page for a free download. Picture symbols by Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker™ software.