Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stickers and McDonalds

This chart was to give Julia some responsibilities around the house and to reward her for a job well done. I started with four tasks and three days so as not to be too overwhelming for her. Julia loved stickers (she still does) and they played an important role on this chart. She worked very hard to get the stickers so she could earn a sticker at the end of her task completion. This chart worked for Julia because it helped her to be more independent and it always made her feel important and proud of herself to accomplish a task, (what a self-esteem boost). Again this was successful because the motivator was something Julia wanted, the sticker, and at the end of the week on Friday the huge reward was a trip to McDonald's at the time one of her favorite places.

This is our fifth visual communication board in our series for Autism Awareness month so be sure to visit our printable page for a free download. Picture symbols by Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker™ software.