Monday, April 22, 2013

Consistency and Consequences

This chart was created to reward Julia with stickers (again stickers are a huge motivator) for when she did well in certain areas through her day. I had some behavioral issues with Julia in these areas. No matter what I tried it seemed as though the difficulty was not going away. Once I developed this chart I explained to Julia, in a way she could understand, the purpose of the chart and what was expected of her with good behavior in order for her to receive a sticker. I also explained the consequences of not receiving a sticker in the event she had bad behavior. Bad behavior, good behavior was a tough concept for Julia to put her mind around. The whole behavior concept is interpreted differently by each person. (The key to Julia’s success with this chart was consistency in its use and consequences both good and bad from everyone, yes even grandparents) So it was hard going to get the whole understanding of this chart across to Julia. Again the big reward was at the end of the week to take a trip to McDonald’s, which we had to work up too. I started by giving little rewards at the end of each day like, her favorite snack or drink or a ride on her tricycle outside. All of these choices were important to her, so not getting them was a huge deal. This was a lot of work and for Julia it was a great accomplishment. Being able through consistency and sticking to the consequences to help her grow and visually manage her behavior was very rewarding.

This is our sixth visual communication board in our series for Autism Awareness month so be sure to visit our printable page for a free download. Picture symbols by Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker™software.