Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teen with Autism Uses Crowd funding To Launch Business

So many of our nation’s children and young adults are living with autism or some other intellectual disability and finding work, especially something they can showcase their talents is often times impossible. Not to mention the potential lack of funding to community agencies who are “suppose to” provide services to individuals who meet the requirements for their programs. But like everything else in our country these days funds are short and so is the quality of opportunities for individuals living with intellectual disabilities like Autism. Top this with the frustrations of a society accustomed to not looking beyond the challenges to see the great abilities so many of these bright individuals have to offer their local communities, and yet, we still find incredible organizations who understand the need and are not afraid to step-up to the plate and make a difference.

Picture Courtesy of Huffington Post

Take Hannah, a 15-year-old with a love for fashion, the alphabet and the color green, Hannah  is creating a new T-shirt line. But it's not your typical clothing line: the teen has autism, and the goal of the project is to help others living with the same challenge. Hannah is using crowd funding to launch her t-shirt business. The shirts will be created by Spectrum Designs, which also provides gainful employment and meaningful vocational experiences to teens and young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities, so they can live fuller more productive lives through the world of work! They operate a nonprofit business which creates custom made decorated t-shirts and apparel for organizations, businesses and special events.

Kudos to Spectrum Designs, a company composed entirely of employees with autism for seeing the unique and inspiring contributions these individuals can make. Be sure to visit their website for the full story behind Spectrum Designs and the impact they are making.