Thursday, March 21, 2013

Teaching to Her Friends

© Kimberly McGuiness 2013
If you’ve followed this blog or know Julia, then you are aware of the challenges living with deaf autism can create with her communication. Julia has a happy, big hearted, social butterfly spirit who presence and love are infectious. Her primary mode of communication is sign language. Whenever she is with her friends they always want to know how to sign words to communicate with her. This has become such a demand not only from her friends but from other people in the community. So today Julia will be teaching her friends sign language! This class will be structured around her level of communcation which will be a great fit for her friends. The class is sponsored by the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Authority and is a DIGS, Inc. activity.

DIGS, Inc. offers a variety of social opportunities for adults and older teens 18+ years in age. Support from the community partners and volunteers provide the adults with activities to promote social interaction, creativity, relationship and life skills building among their peers.

“The purposes of DIGS social events are to provide enjoyable leisure interests for adults living with developmental disabilities and/or other challenges the options to enjoy themselves in our community just as any other person with non-developmental challenges. This in turn creates a venue for a more enhanced quality of life while bringing out the extraordinary abilities in talent our adults are gifted, whether it be through art, music, photography, dance, or creative design in our unique one of a kind pieces in garden art, they all have something of significance to contribute to their community and our lives. They just need the opportunity to do so.”