Monday, March 18, 2013

India: A Country In Silence

India is a very populated country so the number of deaf people is hard to estimate. It is known to be in the millions- revealing India to have the world’s largest deaf population. Although India is rapidly developing, there is still plenty of poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, and unemployment which seem to plague India's deaf population. Vidyut Latay, hopes to improve some of the resoruces for the deaf with her Beyond Silence Project.

While studying in San Francisco, Vidyut saw an interpreter signing an address by the President of the university. In all her 28 years of life in India she had never ever witnessed any scene like that! This experience was truly new and intriguing. Being a bit disturbed and inquisitive at the same time she wanted to know more about why India had no acknowledgement of this language and the community called, DEAF. This was one of the trigger points that started her journey to learn more about this topic. According to Vidyut, the country has no captions on television, no instructions for deaf people at public places, no TTY, no instruction through sign language in deaf schools and no deaf college or a university for deaf people.
Vidyut Latay is a Filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. She recently produced, directed and edited her documentary, 'Beyond Silence' based on the lives of deaf people in India. She comes with a vast experience of working in television and films in India. Vidyut is currently working as a Producing and directing consultant for Filmmakers Alliance in Los Angeles. Filmmakers Alliance is a community of film artists dedicated to the advancement of true independent film through community action. To learn more about the project we invite you to discover their website.