Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Roses for Autism

Picture courtesy of Roses for Autism

The story of Roses for Autism is in its name. They grow and sell roses in an integrated community with individuals on the autism spectrum. They believe employees - like roses - blossom when given proper training and support and are recognized for their unique qualities and gifts. As such, they also believe in growing possibilities, together, every day.
RFA offers hands-on employment as well as career training opportunities for adults with autism. From their website, “While our high-quality product - Pinchbeck flowers - continues to delight locals and nationwide customers alike, we also offer training and assessment services to adults with ASD on our premises, both inside and outside our floral operation. This affirmative experience prepares our students, participants, and contingent workers to find meaningful work that is well-suited to their unique skills and interests”. Roses for Autism are dedicated to preparing individuals with autism in finding and maintaining their employment. They are dedicated to the people they serve and the people they employ.
Picture courtesy of  Roses for Autism

A recent study by Harvard University demonstrates each child in the U.S. diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) - 1 in 88 American children - will cost society about $3.2 million in medical and non-medical costs over his or her lifetime. Through RFA, participants are becoming taxpayers who have a clear economic impact on their families and society as a whole. More importantly, these individuals are becoming more self-supporting and maximizing their quality of life.

This flagship program is a great example of the community, seeing a need, coming together to develop skills and opportunities adding to the abilities these individuals already acquire. So in thinking about what kind of flowers to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, and anniversary or for any other occasion get them, Roses for Autism. At the end of the day you will be glad you took action. You’ll have some wonderful roses and will have helped support a fantastic program continuing the success of those living with autism. Discover Roses for Autism for
their full story mission and vision.

Picture courtesy of  Roses for Autism