Monday, February 4, 2013

EEOC Receives 26,379 Claims Citing Disability Issues

As the unemployment rate surges for people living with developmental disabilities, the numbers also grew for those seeking jobs. Michelle Diament from writes, “Statistics indicate the jobless rate jumped to 13.7 percent last month for people with disabilities, a steep rise over the 11.7 percent unemployment rate reported for the final month of 2012”.

The lack of employer education, training, knowledge or just pure ignorance to their responsibilities under federal and state laws may contribute to the 26,379 claims to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). New statistics show more complaints of disability-related job discrimination were filed in 2012 than ever before. The EEOC reports that 5,907 claims had merit.

Aside from disability, the EEOC monitors employment discrimination complaints based on a variety of factors including race, sex, age, religion and national origin.

Other factors are the ongoing budget cuts contributing to the lack of local agency resources continues to fuel the rise for unemployment numbers among those with disabilities. For individuals fortunate enough to not fall through the cracks and finally get employment, for them they are thrilled and could not be any happier than to be contributing to their community and self-worth all the while taking great pride in doing so as any of us would. Let’s start looking beyond the shell to their ABILITIES and make a difference by hiring these very talented capable human beings.