Monday, February 18, 2013

Deaf Newspaper

If you have not been lucky enough to discover, Deaf Newspaper, here is your opportunity. Deaf Newspaper, LLC. Is America’s largest news for deaf and hard of hearing and offers a full array of news and information for the deaf community. Want to know about deaf events in your area or maybe take a cruise with others on the Deaf Disney Halloween Cruise? This sites events page is chucked full with some wonderful outings scheduled for each month through 2014.

Need to know the sign for a word or want to watch an ASL video clip? Ken P. Davis, CEO/Founder of Deaf Newspaper, LLC, has done a wonderful job with the support of his staff and community of putting together resources to help you. 

Ken wrote, (from the website), “The goal of this website is to meet the needs of all our users. Each of us take away something different from this website from being an ASL student who is learning sign language to being an interpreter who is gaining a deeper understanding of the ASL language, or perhaps you are reconnecting with old friends and sharing your news with us. Whatever your reasons are I appreciate each and every one of you.”