Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Blog: Jazzed and Ready To Explore

The start of the New Year brought about re-evaluation of some things, our blog being one of them. We wanted to jazz it up a bit and add a new logo, an original piece of art work by Julia and myself, to reflect the true meaning of being in her deaf autism world. We wanted the blog to be more girly and remind us of Julia in every sense of the word. My good friend and sister in the Lord, Kim McDougal added a few of her touches and helped guide me along the way with the rest, and I have to say a Huge Thank, to her, I certainly learned a lot!                            

©2012-2013 Original Artwork by Julia & Kimberly McGuiness

Be sure to check out our Events page. This is a full calendar with events, scheduled throughout the entire year; including some big conferences supporting all disabilities. The description provides you with what’s happening at the event and you can even copy an event directly to your Google Calendar and map it! How cool is that!

Our printable page has several activities you can download for FREE. Just click on the download link. These can be utilized in the community, classroom or transition training program. 

Our Resource Board has a few additions with more coming. A link and description helps you determine what will best meet your needs.

Our Inspiration page has just that, Inspiration, to help move you forward positively and Julia’s photography page has some new photos so be sure and check that out!

We now have the ability with our posts and pages to share them on your social sites or email them to your friends and family. You can now leave comments on posts and pages as well. 

I won’t tell you everything but be sure to check out the sidebar we’ve added a few new things for you to discover and explore. Oh, and don’t forget to view our services page, we may be able to help you! 

It is my belief our Julia’s World Project will give a light for families who struggle with the worries of a secure, safe and quality of life for their challenged loved ones. Our hope for each of you is your loved one will be able to stay in an environment they already know and love, with the things they know and love and that make them happy === a better quality of life. The population of individuals living with developmental disabilities may have great challenges but they have even more to offer. It is our passion, mission, duty and ministry, because of our life journey with Julia and her life team, that we create a bigger picture and shine light on this often over looked group of human beings, with great abilities and teachings for all of us, thus changing the face of “Special Needs”.

Thank you for your consideration of support and interest……

Kimberly McGuiness, Owner/CEO, Julia’s World Project