Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Families Want You To Know About Autism

Parents were polled about what they believe most people “don’t get” about autism. Here are facts that families of children with autism want you to know about the disorder:

*Autism is a spectrum disorder – each child is uniquely affected.

*Autism is not the result of bad parenting or lack of discipline.

*Autism can “look” like your daughter, son...
, niece, or grandchild.

*Parents of children on the spectrum are not paranoid or always overwhelmed with grief.

*Just because a child with autism is non-verbal or does not make eye contact, it does not mean he or she doesn’t notice the looks or feel pain from being ignored, bullied, or disregarded.

*Don’t treat kids with autism as if their diagnosis is contagious.

*Many people with autism are social and want to interact but don’t know how.

*Please don’t reference anyone – be it an individual with an autism diagnosis or any other diagnosis – as “retarded.”

*Be kinder than you need to be, because just about everyone is battling something you know nothing about.

*Parenting a child with autism is difficult and rewarding, just like it is for parents of typical children. It just takes a little more patience and understanding.

*People can make a difference when they know how. In the words of one parent, “We need our community to support us. Help us not to feel isolated. Everyone can help in their own way, and everybody’s contribution is appreciated.”

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