Monday, March 19, 2012

Cards For Yuri

Yuri is a 38 year old man living and working in New York State. Yuri is developmentally disabled and has one huge passion in life. Yuri collects business cards. Receiving a business card from someone gives Yuri more happiness than almost anything else.

This very simple action means so much to Yuri. We are trying to have as many people as possible send cards directly to Yuri at his workplace in New York.

We need your help. Please, look around your house and as you go out, find a few cards to send Yuri. Then, pass this request along. Post it on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn groups or the people on your email list. Bring this to your friends at church. Give them the chance to share in Yuri’s happiness. Please keep passing this on and spreading the word. Our goal is to have Yuri receive 100,000 cards.

Please send them to:

Cards for Yuri
c/o Tim Sawicki
Pine Ridge Industries
Schenectady County ARC
52 Market Street
Scotia, New York 12302

Original Post by Fred Siegel