Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Grieving

Holly Olmsted-Hickey
Holly Olmsted-Hickey is the married mom of two boys, an autistic spectrum teenager and a typically developing six year old, each with their own gifts and challenges. She is also the Developing Manager for One Place for Special Needs. Holly shared an article with her readers which addresses the grief we experience when we find out our child has a disability.
Holly writes;
“Emotionally there needs to be resolution for a parent with a child who faces special needs.  Inclusion is important.  Figuring out how to live with one another is important.  There needs to be more overall understanding, support and forgiveness all around. Your emotional quality of life is just as important as your physical or spiritual quality of life. Find outlets that build up your emotional wellbeing so you can function at your best when raising your child with a disability.”
To read the entire article by Holly Olmsted-Hickey please discover it through this link One Place for Special Needs