Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Special Families Village

Sandra Pearson
Join us in welcoming Sandra from Our Special Families Village to our project as our latest contributing partner for graciously helping to distribute information and syndication about Julia's World Project.  
It was Sandra’s love for her son and the need for information which started her along her journey...
“I longed for a place where I could go anytime and type in my question and find the answer. I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was looking for this support and if it was going to happen, I needed to create it. I knew it would help other families find support and resources and information that otherwise would be unavailable to them. I knew it would help young parents to see possibilities where before they would only see tragedy, fear and hopelessness.”
Sandra and her team at Our Special Families Village have joined in partnership with Julia’s World Project to further expand our combined audience base in support of a more global effort in making a difference in the lives of families caring for children living with challenges.

You can also find Sandra and her Team listed on our Resources and Partners pages. To discover her complete story we invite you to visit her website.

Thanks Sandra to you and your team at  Our Special Families Village  for your interest, support and contribution to your Website about our Project, you are greatly appreciated! Its contributions like yours that help us all make a bigger difference in the world, Thank You!