Monday, January 2, 2012

Do You Advocate

Yes! I advocate all year not just when it is election time. I've been able to spur with my legislators support 2 bills which became law in Georgia 2007. In advocating for Julia I advocate for others. My hard work was rewarded in August 2010 as I alongside 13 of my peers... where chosen from 6,000  nominations... received the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Obama. The first time in history the second highest medal from the President has ever been given to non famous everyday unsung heroes from our local communities across the United States. For me, I'm proud of what it means to our community, the children, their families and the state of Georgia. The validation... I do matter and I make a tremendous difference in the lives/worlds of others, this has only fueled my fire even more in advocating for our children and families and to never give up! With your support and interest, our project can make a bigger difference in the world. We invite you to join our group on LinkedIn and stop by our fan page on Facebook; creating a BUZZ about our project keeps the reality in front of people and united together we will make a bigger difference in many lives of families who have children living with challenges. Join us along our journey we’d love to have you!