Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make It A Great Day

Photography By Kimberly McGuiness 2009
We are natural-born achievers, dreamers and doers. We create new value and solve problems. We make valuable use of opportunities to achieve our dreams. Why you may ask? It’s because achievement is part of who we are and the dreams for ourselves, our children, family, friends, and the community are all the foundation for this achievement. Don’t be afraid to raise the bar. Always continue no matter how small or large to Dream Big.

Be grateful for the smallest accomplishments and celebrate each one to the highest. We can observe, interpret, adjust, respond, prioritize, and imagine. We can learn valuable lessons in one situation and put them to effective use in another in a completely different arena. We can build, teach, cooperate and integrate the best of what has been into a vision of what can be.

Look beyond the shell, and be non judgmental for the beauty inside holds great lessons and surprises. Take one day at a time and realize the progress you’ve made.

For more inspiration from Ralph Marston I encourage you to visit  http://greatday.com/