Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blessing Us With Her Life

Julia continues to experience personal benefits by taking her NatraBurst 2 times a day. She is now taking NatraBoost in the morning in a glass of Chinese green tea. We are experimenting with this to see how it will best meet her needs of benefiting her continued improvement with focus and accepting changes in her scheduling.  In addition to Julia’s Autism group and Camera Club, she has recently started attending a Dance club with her peers. She loves it!!! It’s so wonderful to have options for her in the community. Like so many of us, Julia also has a social schedule and this time of year things are especially busy for her, with her clubs, groups, holiday activities, and her birthday in December. Keeping her active and engaged helps eliminate the stagnate behavior that can sometimes rear its ugly head from boredom.

With minimal prompts Julia can scan in pictures, magazine covers, etc. using her computer and printer. She is able to save them to a file and insert the pictures into PowerPoint. She loves technology and is so proud of her abilities in this area. Her wish list for Santa this Christmas is the new Kindle Fire. Even with her challenges technology seems to be what stimulates her interest the most and can at times depending on the task be her most challenging when learning something new…. But isn’t it that way for some of us anyway, challenges or not?

Julia is learning to type on her netbook with the aide of occupational support. With each practice she increases speed and focus. We are awaiting a schedule from Vocational Rehabilitation for her attendance in a work training setting. We are also looking at supported employment with a job coach who can communicate fluently in Julia’s language. Julia is so very excited about this and the possibility of her going to work in her community ….. One of her dreams she will certainly be able to accomplish.

Photography By Kimberly McGuiness 2008
Julia has a never-ending increasing infectious spirit about her. Everyone she meets is filled with her positive energy. She is working to improve her cooking skills on the grill, in the future I suspect some may get an invite to a steak dinner!

For Thanksgiving, we became blessed once again with Julia’s accomplishments of cooking… as she was able to cook the entire meal with minimal help of hand over hand and understood, once explained to her, what needed to be done. I can’t express to you the feeling filling up our hearts as the 3 of us sat enjoying our dinner prepared by Julia… she was so proud and the joy from her accomplishment flowed thought our home that day. For her we are forever grateful to the Lord for Blessing us with her Life.